What are Different Types of Wedding Music?

Music is an integral part of a wedding & if someone has already started to plan one, then he or she should know there are a number of decisions that he or she should start making. Whether one decides to get a solo singer or a band or just provide a wonderful collection of Brisbane wedding music, the list of songs that would be played in the ceremony should be just perfect. However, there are perfect songs for each situation. Although it is a wedding-themed song, still Maroon Five’s Sugar might be not the perfect song while the bride walks down the aisle. This article is about the types of wedding songs that one should know about.

The following are the types of wedding songs.


The processional music is the kind of music that is perfect for the aisle-walk. You will have to pick a suitable track for the bridesmaids and the bride that will capture the moment and make it memorable. One such track is the popular number, Here Comes the Bride. There are other songs too that will be perfect for the occasion. If you love a song and think it to be a great processional number but want the audiences to feel the magic of the song and participate, then you hire a Brisbane wedding music band and have them perform that song.


The recessional music is just the opposite of processional music. The recessional music plays when you walk the other way of the aisle after you are done with the vows. For the big exit, one can choose a track that is more upbeat and joy-filled. You can go for tracks like Beyonce’s Love on Top, Maroon 5’s Sugar, or Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors. Celebrate the moment with a great recessional song. You have said “I do” and now you are on the top of the world. What better way to remember the moment than a beautiful recessional song.

Cocktail Hour

If one chooses to host one cocktail party between the main ceremony & reception, it is good to have one playlist of tracks that will help in setting the mood. Ideally, one should try to play songs that are low-key yet convivial. Although you will not try to get someone to dance, you would not like anyone to doze off either.

Reception Entrance

This is the kind of music that will mark the entrance of the bride & groom into the big reception, normally with the marriage party kept in tow. The music should be happy and celebratory, slightly different from the recessional tracks. It also helps in creating and setting the party’s tone.

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First Dance

Everybody looks forward to the first dance of the couple, but people often struggle finding the best song for the occasion. Finding the perfect song for the first dance can be really challenging because that song will be remembered for the rest of their life and when the couple will dance to that song, all eyes will be on them. Some great songs for the first dance are Sia’s Salted Wound, the duet song of Colbie Caillat and Jason Miraz, Lucky, or Al Green’s Love & Happiness.

Father and Daughter Dance

This is somewhat like a tradition that after the first dance of the couple, the father would take his daughter, who is the bride, for a spin. It can be traditional or personal. Amos Lee’s Sweet Pea or Adam Levine’s Lost Stars can be great songs for the father/daughter dance.

Reception Music

When it is time for the big reception, you would want everybody to have a good time. You would like to see them out of the seats and on the floor, dancing and having a good time. The popular pop songs can be excellent reception songs.


If you decide to make the cake-cutting a ceremony or an event, you should pick a track that is a little upbeat since the cake-cutting is usually one of the sweetest and cutest parts of the wedding.

Bouquet Toss

This is the wedding’s one of the most fun parts, which should be marked with another upbeat song. You can pick one from the popular romantic and fun tracks.

Music is undoubtedly a very important part of your wedding. You should make it memorable with a Brisbane wedding singer. You should choose the songs carefully because those songs will help you remember the magical moments of your wedding for the rest of your life.

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