Best Corporate Entertainment Ideas

In the present industry of corporate events and event marketing, there is a lack of uniqueness amongst different companies. Experimental marketing is mainly about creating unique & creative ideas, which is equivalent to customer branding, which ways for the customers that help them to experience or feel a brand & build one long-term relationship. One needs to think differently. Corporate entertainment events is a highly influential way of arttracting, and building relationships with customers. Events such as a musical night can also work as an effective bridge between the brand and the people. Brisbane event and wedding singers can also be a great idea. The following are some effective, engaging and entertaining corporate entertainment ideas:

Capturing event games with stills

A fun way of capturing an event is taking photos whilst people are playing event games such as charades or trivias. This creative way of photographing is so much more eye-catching than a typical photo of friends or colleagues simply smiling. How does this work? While people are involved in a game, an HD camera captures this moement in a series of fast shutter exposures that freezes people moving at certain action points (similarly to flip book animation). These photos are then edited using the proprietary software that merges these seperate photographs into one single picture that dramatically displays the movement in one still picture. This layered sequence can be printed to one poster which can include the logo of sponsors, names of guests and a custom background. The picture file can also be put on the company’s social media page, or the website of the company.

Opening the Event with a Brisbane event and wedding singer

Solo singers or bands bring energy and create a postive atmosphere for reasonable and affordable prices. Music is always, and has for centuries been an effective and engaging start to events. In Brisbane, there is a melting pot of solo and band musicians that companies/organisations can use to set the mood of the evening and leave a lasting impression on people at the event. In order to create the right atmosphere, a song/s can be composed for the event which also match the organisation’s vision and principles. For example, a screen playing theme-fitting or popular music showing still pictures of the company’s infrastructure and employees creates a pleasant atmosphere. Music isn’t only for the beginning of events- it’s important that people also leave on a happy note. Thus, music is an effective and fun way of closing events.

Automatic and Instant Gif Booths

This is a modern, highly entertaining and interactive way of getting people engaged during corporate events. The automatic and instant gif booth combines fun with social media and  technology. These booths are capable of taking four pictures instantly, print a hard copy, and then combine the photographs into one animation that is uploaded to the web, instantly. These booths also have options for capturing the broadcast quality of video at one touch. Almost all the aspects of this experience can be customized, from the backdrop to the print layout. These gif booths will attract many people who come to the corporate event since they are new and trendy. This is a fool-proof way of ensuring an event is remembered by.

Interactive Three-Sixty Degree Booth

This is another interesting idea for a corporate event. Attendees will find this highly engaging. The three-sixty degree (360°) booth has 72 high-definition cameras that are focused on the person in the booth. A countdown starts & the booth-users  pose while multiple cameras shutter together simultaneously. On the booth’s backend, all the photos will be organized, balanced, realigned, and compiled. All the still photographs are then compiled together into one 30-second video. This video is nicely completed with the finshing touch of music. The attendees can receive the video by email or go onto the company’s website where it is uploaded for others to see. This video is of course then put onto social media by individuals, which companies can encourage by also having social media icons on their websites and on signs near the booth itself. This new and quirky way of entertaining gives people a chance to be a star and is certainly a rememberable experience.

Giant Games

There a number of entertainment groups that create and provide innovative and customised games for corporate parties and events. These giant games can be larger or human-size versions of popular games such as Angry Birds, Foosball, Pacman, or even Beer Pong. These games encourage participation of many people at the same time. These giant games can also have prizes for the winners, to attract more participants. The giant games can also be used as a great way to introduce or launch a product. These games can be customized in a way that it relates to the main idea of a particular brand. This helps a lot in brand hammering as well as encouraging more mingling between guests and colleagues during events.

Light Painting on Digital Canvases

Light painting can transform event attendees into experimental, visual & interactive artists; an expereince like no other. The attendees are given a customized spray can that helps them to paint with light on a digital canvas. The attendees can paint or write something on the canvas that even despite them not ebing particularly artistic, turns out beautifully. This can be a great idea to get the attendees involved and interact.

Corporate events are usually perceived as an event that is anything but exciting. The award ceremony and a constant murmur of chatting are probably the only two things that one thinks of every time he/she hear of a corporate event. Corporate events are very important for any company or organization as it offers an opportunity to share the achievements and discuss the future plans of the company. A corporate event usually has a large number of attendees and making them comfortable and keeping them engaged should be a priority. The corporate events can only be made more interesting with fun ideas such as Brisbane event and wedding singer. Music and fun filled activities can make sure that the attendees stay longer and interested in the event.

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